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Application Procedure

Welcome to Malayan Colleges Laguna – A Mapúa School.
Are you ready to start your journey to becoming a globally competitive professional? Follow our step-by-step process below to kick off your admission to world-class Senior High School and College education.

Step 1

Online Application

Step 2

Payment of Application Fee

Step 3

Take the Diagnostic Exam

Step 4

Issuance of Acceptance Letter

Senior High School Application
College Application
Transferee Application
MSc in Shipping Business Application

Upon successful submission of your application, you will receive an email confirmation of your application details through your registered email address. Follow the next steps listed below upon receiving the confirmation email.

  1. Please send a copy of your School ID (from previous school) or Birth Certificate to with the subject line: Applicant ID – Family Name, Given Name. (e.g.: Applicant ID – Dela Cruz, Juan).
  2. Accomplish the Pre-Enrollment Survey that can be accessed via the confirmation email.

Your submitted document(s) will be validated by the Admissions Office, and you will receive a confirmation receipt afterwards.

Pay the ₱400.00 application fee. Please note that the application fee is non-refundable.

Applicants are encouraged to pay on-site for faster transactions. For those who may not be able to visit on-site, below are the offsite/online payment options:

The detailed instructions for online payment can be found thru this link. Upon successful online payment, please send a copy of the proof of payment to with the subject line: Application Fee Payment-Family Name, Given Name. (e.g.: Application Fee Payment – Dela Cruz, Juan).

Once payment receipt has been sent to and has been verified, you will receive a confirmation receipt via email.

For on-site payments, there is no need to send the payment receipt via email.

Once payment confirmation receipt has been received, you will receive via a separate email the date and time of your diagnostic exam.

After taking the Diagnostic Exam, you will be issued your acceptance letter and enrollment guidelines via email within 48-72 hours, along with further instructions on how to access your exam results. Please note that your acceptance letter will include the following details:

Downloadable MCL enrollment forms:

  1. Tuition Fee Protect;
  2. Statement of Compliance;
  3. Fraternity Waiver Form;
  4. Affidavit of Undertaking; and

2. List of MCL Enrollment Requirements

Accomplish these forms, prepare your requirements, and proceed with your enrollment at MCL.

Important note: Applicants are encouraged to visit MCL to process their enrollment.
Acceptance of applications will start on the following dates:

OCTOBER 31, 2022
2nd Term, AY 2022-2023
1st Term, AY 2023-2024

FEBRUARY 1, 2022
3rd Term AY 2022-2023

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Admission FAQs

Planning to study at MCL but unsure of where to start? Here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions for Admissions and Enrollment.


MCL is dedicated to providing quality education to students from all walks of life through various scholarship opportunities and financial assistance programs.

Transferee Guidelines

Students seeking transfer from another school to MCL may apply for admission. We encourage you to read through the following information regarding transfer admission procedure for Senior High School and College.

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Learn about the advantages of studying here at MCL, get to know our admissions procedures, scholarship grants, flexible payment options, and HyFlex teaching and learning. Ask us for more information.

Senior High School

Get a head start on your journey with Mapúa MCL’s Senior High School program and be ready for a potential career in college education. It covers Grade 11 and Grade 12, where students can choose from STEM, ABM, HUMSS, and ICT strands to specialize.


Choose among the different undergraduate programs in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, Business, Arts, and Maritime Education that best suit your skills and interests. Mapúa MCL is preparing graduates for career success in any industry worldwide.


Gain the advanced skills, knowledge, and expertise required for a successful career in the demanding and highly competitive industry of shipping. Mapúa MCL now offers Master of Science in Shipping Business through a flexible or remote learning.