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MCL CCIS professor wins multiple awards

Last January 2021, Prof. Dennis Martillano from Malayan Colleges Laguna, A Mapúa School’s College of Computer and Information Science (CCIS) kicked off his project entitled “MI-AMOR: Mapping and Integration App for MOROS Overseas” in the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao (BARMM) National Data Challenge.  

The BARMM Data Challenge lasted for five (5) months starting with over 200 presenters and going down to only twenty-one (21) prototypes selected for the final judging. With the remaining participants, four (4) major awards were given: Best Use of Bangsamoro Data Award, Best Use of Data Science Award, Most Relevant to BARMM Award, and Most Practical Solution.  

The BARMM National Data Challenge, in partnership with Data Ethics PH, CirroLytix Research Services, and the BARMM government, with funding support from the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), invites data scientists and analysts, application developers, engineers, students, and faculty members to generate ideas for good governance and development through data and technology for application in the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao (BARMM). The Data Challenge has two (2) rounds. During the first round, all 200 of the participants submitted an abstract of their project. Among them, thirty-three (33) passed the initial evaluation and were able to make it through the second round or the development and pitching stage, during which all of them presented a three-minute video about their idea. After being subjected to a blind peer-review by an independent panel, twenty-one (21) prototypes were selected for the final judging. 

During the BARMM Virtual Data Challenge 2020 Recognition Ceremony with the twenty-one (21) remaining finalists last April 7, 2021, Prof. Martillano won the Most Practical Solution Award which means that his project represented an easily implementable solution, most plausible concept, and simple yet impactful design. Due to the limitations of the COVID-19 last year, he only received his plaque last January 2022. The four (4) major winners were awarded cash prizes along with special recognition from USAID, Asia Foundation, and the BARMM. All of them were also given the opportunity to incubate their solution and present their work directly to the relevant BARMM agencies and Local Government Units for implementation and possible funding. 

BARMM Data Challenge E-Certificate for Prof. Dennis Martillano for winning the Most Practical Solution Award for his project entitled “MI-AMOR: Mapping and Integration App for MOROS Overseas”

According to Prof. Martillano, Mi-AMOR is a project that aims to provide a mobile and web application that integrates facility to mark abuses/statuses on a dedicated map, and continuously build data that translate into a Visual Welfare Radar for BARMM and can be integrated in current government programs for OFW. He says, This project would also like to take advantage of using previously recorded data to visually understand and analyze the welfare of our OFW in Bangsamoro Region. I believe that there is an apparent need in providing means to visually mark abuses and problems that will not only make real-time and immediate monitoring, but to encapsulate our situation, our position, and our condition with respect to this issue.” 

BARMM Data Challenge Plaque to Prof. Dennis Martillano last January 2022 for winning the Most Practical Solution Award for his project entitled “MI-AMOR: Mapping and Integration App for MOROS Overseas”

Prof. Martillano shared that he is honored to be one of the peace advocates and selfless data scientists in the country. He says, “I dedicate the award to our BARMM Community, especially to the women and children who are the most vulnerable and need attention and help. We need to continuously use our research skills, technology, and of course our data, to devise possible solutions and identify opportunities to help our community.” 

In addition to the National Data Challenge Award Prof. Martillano received last November 2021, he also won Best Paper and Best Presentation in the 2021 3rd International Workshop on Artificial Intelligence and Education. The workshop was sponsored by Xidian University from China and was hosted by their School of Telecommunications Engineering. The annual workshop invites researchers who wish to discuss and publish advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Education. 

Prof. Martillano presented a total of three topics during the workshop: Structural Equation Modeling for Catching SCOTINOPHARA COARCTATA, Wearable Tool for Breathing Pattern Recognition, and Simulated Portable Mesh Network. All papers topped the presentation category with Structural Equation Modelling selected as the Best Paper in the session. 

With Prof. Martillano’s awards and advocacy as a data scientist, he proved that both excellence and virtue are embedded in his DNA. MCL will continue to support all contributions in generating new generations of knowledge and remain on its goal to be the global steeple of excellence in professional education and research.  

Monark Foundation Scholarship

Calling all Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering students from MITL!

Those already in their third year may now apply for the Monark Foundation Scholarship.

Qualifications of Applicants are as follows:

  1. Currently enrolled students
  2. Incoming 3rd year Engineering students (preferably CE, EE, IE, ME)
  3. Residents of Muntinlupa, San Pedro, Biñan, Santa Rosa, Cabuyao, and Calamba
  4. Students with a GWA of 2.25 or higher
  5. Students with financial difficulty

Requirements to be submitted:

  1. Duly Accomplished Application Form for Scholarship
  2. 3rd Term Certificate of Matriculation (Certified True Copy by the Registrar’s Office)
  3. Barangay Certification of Residence
  4. Grade Certificate from the Registrar’s Office
  5. Certified True Copy of Latest ITR of Parent for Year 2021 (Php 500,000 or below gross annual income) or Certificate of Tax Exemption from BIR (if currently not employed)

Deadline of Submission of Requirements: July 15, 2022

Apply Online Now

Strengthening Partnerships with Stakeholders: One of MCL-CSCE’s Pillars in Community Engagement

Dr. Garylen Amoroso (middle) alongside the teachers and Staffs of Dapdap Elementary School and the CSCE Team

Extension work and community engagement are two of the primary functions of the Center for Service-Learning and Community Engagement (CSCE).  External linkages and partnerships with different stakeholders strengthen CSCE’s vision to promote the spirit of volunteerism and strong commitment to service and development.

This year, CSCE is more committed to strengthening partnerships with multi-stakeholders (i.e., schools/academe, Local Government Units, Non-Government Organizations, among others) especially as the effects of the current global health crisis continue to affect every social institution. The CSCE team offers its full support to its partner schools within Laguna as Malayan Colleges Laguna, A Mapúa School (MCL) prepares for the resumption of face-to-face (F2F) classes this coming academic year.

On June 8, 2022, the CSCE team visited Dapdap Elementary School (Dapdap ES) in Tagaytay City, Cavite; Calauan Central Elementary School (CCES) in Calauan, Laguna; and Gagalot-Taytay Elementary School Annex in Majayjay, Laguna. The identified public elementary schools also have an existing Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with the CSCE, which was one of the key purposes of the visit.  It also enabled the CSCE Team to identify some possible student-learning interventions, in response to the challenges faced by the students as they gradually shift to F2F classes. The team also distributed school supplies, used books, usable clothing, umbrellas, and water tumblers to the partner schools.

Ms. Jocelyn T. Bellin (Director of CSCE) as she greeted and observed the students of Dapdap Elementary School. (Photo by Reinhold Gabriel Catangay, MCL CSCE)


Aside from handing out donations, Ms. Bellin (CSCE Director) and Ms. Garylen Amoroso (Dapdap ES Principal) also signed the Certificate of Donation.

The visits helped the CSCE team identify pressing concerns of grade-school students as they shift from modular learning at home and back to their ‘actual’ classrooms. Most critical of these concerns is the state of their mental health where public school students do not have access to opportunities where they can learn these things from. The CSCE discussed a few possible interventions and projects with school authorities to meet these needs through student-learning and community engagement initiatives, and with the help of the MCL community.

The CSCE team (led by Ms. Bellin) and the faculty of Calauan Central Elementary School (CCES) led by Ms. Mylene
Gutierrez (CCES Principal). (Photo by Reinhold Gabriel Catangay, MCL CSCE)

The series of visits proved beneficial to both partner schools and the CSCE with the forging of   stronger support and commitment as they face the challenges of a post-Covid pandemic scenario. With this, the CSCE team wishes to continue to foster these relationships with different communities in the hope of providing strategic interventions.

Submission of Requirements for MCL In-Campus (Face-to-Face) Learning Engagements for the Midyear Term of A.Y. 2021-2022

All students who will be enrolling for the Midyear Term, AY 2021-2022 and will be participating in in-campus learning engagements are required to submit the following requirements:

    1. soft copy of vaccination card (proof of full vaccination);
    2. soft copy of duly signed Student Informed Consent.

Only students cleared by the Student Affairs Office (SAO) for the submission of the aforementioned requirements will be allowed to participate in in-campus learning engagements that include (but are not limited to) the following:

    1. attendance in face-to-face classroom learning sessions;
    2. use of the facilities of the Center for Learning and Information Resources (CLIR);
    3. use of other facilities as may be deemed needed by the student/s for their learning.

Students cleared by the SAO will only have to tap their MCL student IDs in the ID kiosks and present their duly accomplished Daily Health Declaration for the day to the security personnel upon entering the campus.

Deadline for the submission of requirements is on July 2, 2022.

NOTE: All students enrolling for their OJT (Practicum) courses are also required to submit the same requirements for F2F learning. 


Guidelines for Midyear Term Enrollment

Please be informed that the course enlistment for the Midyear Term of A.Y. 2021-2022 will start on June 15, 9:00 PM and will end on June 16, 2022 at 5:00 PM.

Kindly read the resources below for your guidance:

Calendar of Activities for the Midyear Term
Guidelines for Midyear Term Enrollment

CyberTalks: Virtual Helpdesk for College Enrollment

Those who may have questions on the Midyear Term Enrollment may also join the upcoming CyberTalks open helpdesk sessions via Zoom. For the meeting links, please refer to the email sent via your MCL Live account.

• June 16, 2022 (Thursday)
• June 18, 2022 (Saturday)

MCL Shuttle Service Announcement

Malayan Colleges Laguna, A Mapúa School’s shuttle services will once again be available for those who will be participating in MCL’s limited face-to-face (LF2F) classes.

Please note that the shuttle services’ availability will be based on IATF’s Alert Level Guidelines. MCL shuttle services’ start of operations will be announced soon.

*Please note that MCL Shuttle Services are accredited but not owned by Malayan Colleges Laguna, A Mapúa School. 

For more information on the routes, schedules, and guidelines for use, see primer below.

MCL CSCE holds first post-lockdown CE activity in Porac, Pampanga

The CSCE (led by Ms. Jocelyn T. Bellin) and OSPGE teams (led by Prof. James Ronald O. Mesina and Ms. Pearl Stephanie DL. Ulep) with the teachers and students from Camias Resettlement Elementary School in Porac, Pampanga. (Photo: Edward Andrew A. Guese | MCL CSCE)

After two years of COVID-19 lockdowns, Malayan Colleges Laguna, A Mapúa School (MCL), through the Center for Service-Learning and Community Engagement (CSCE) and the Office for Strategic Partnerships and Global Engagement (OSPGE), held its Community Engagement (CE) activity in Porac, Pampanga on May 17, 2022. This initiative is for the benefit of the Aeta community from Camias Resettlement Elementary School (CRES). It was CSCE’s first in-person community engagement activity prior to the series of lockdowns due to restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

CSCE Director Ms. Jocelyn T. Bellin and OSPGE Director Prof. James Ronald O. Mesina shared a chat with Ms. Mylene Santos, Head Teacher of Camias Resettlement Elementary School in Porac, Pampanga. (Photo: Edward Andrew A. Guese | MCL CSCE)

Prof. James Ronald O. Mesina, Assistant Vice President for Academic Services and Director of OSPGE, initiated the engagement with the teachers and students from CRES. Ms. Jocelyn T. Bellin, Director of CSCE, welcomed the selected families who participated in the brief program. The families were also the beneficiaries of food packs, toys and school supplies. An estimate of 100 families benefitted from the gift-giving spearheaded by the CSCE.

The selected families from the Aeta community generously lent their ears as they await the handing out of donations. (Photo: Jocelyn T. Bellin | MCL CSCE)


CSCE Director, Ms. Jocelyn T. Bellin, warmly welcomed and opened the program with the selected beneficiaries of the Aeta Community. (Photo: Vanessa Velasco | MCL CSCE)

The Head Teacher of CRES, Ms. Mylene Santos, also made it possible for the community engagement activity to happen. Ms. Santos thanked the MCL contingents for the visit, one of the few in-person activities of the school.

A mini program was held consisting of games for the children of the Aeta community. (Photo: Edward Andrew A. Guese | MCL CSCE)

With this initiative, CSCE continues to instill its commitment to excellence and virtue in community service, even during the global pandemic.