Master of Science in Shipping Business

The MSc in Shipping Business course addresses the academic and educational needs of the rapidly growing global shipping industry.

This is the first transnational Master's degree program in the country that aims to advance and professionalize the shipping business practice.

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In partnership with Business College of Athens (BCA) and Philippine Transmarine Carriers, Inc. (PTC)

MSc in Shipping Business

Program Description

Educational Objectives

Student Outcomes

The Master of Science in Shipping Business program is designed for graduates and professionals who seek an in-depth graduate degree education through a flexible or remote learning mode with the aim of building a management career in the maritime sector. 

The program teaches the theoretical concepts of the shipping business and equips its learners with the necessary skills needed to survive the competitive industry. It offers a comprehensive understanding of the rudiments of the maritime business particularly on how it operates, by clearly reflecting them in the modules offered, case studies used, and courses practically applied in the program. 

It is designed to produce qualified specialists and business-oriented professionals who would pursue a career in prestigious shipping companies as charterers, shipping financiers, and other key members of the operational team by providing activities that would hone their decision-making skills, and by offering courses that would familiarize learners on the current trends and issues in the shipping business. 

The Master of Science in Shipping Business program aims to produce graduates who: 

1. Demonstrate a systematic understanding and critical evaluation of knowledge of shipping organizations, their global 
environment, the organizations they operate in, and how they are managed;

2. Undertake in-depth analysis of relevant information in order to adapt to complex situations inherent in the management of ships operating within a globalized environment and the interaction of the business and organization with the external environment; 

3. Creatively apply knowledge, together with a practical understanding and assessment of how established techniques in the shipping industry are used in the management and development of shipping businesses;

4. Implement and evaluate improvement to performance based on shipping best practices; 

5. Identify and evaluate the business context and undertake decisions with limited data and information; and 

6. Evaluate and integrate theory and practice by applying methodological approaches and evaluate data and solutions.

Graduates of Master of Science in Shipping Business program are expected to: 

1. Understand the concept of shipping markets, the critical evaluation and understanding of the business environment, and the theories, analytic techniques, and disciplines that underpin the shipping business;  

2. Apply postgraduate shipping business research in order to develop shipping strategies;

3. Conduct research using appropriate techniques as applied to the shipping business; 

4. Synthesize the academic experience in order to develop new insights into understanding creative ways and theories to solve shipping problems. 

5. Develop and evaluate alternative ways of dealing with shipping problems or shipping business situations in a timely manner; 

6. Evaluate the impact and implications of various contemporary issues in the global and social context of the shipping business profession;

7. Utilize data analysis and modeling to investigate market trends and company performance;

8. Demonstrate strong written and verbal skills; 

9. Use appropriate techniques and relevant learning resources to evaluate and integrate practice in a wide range of shipping-related situations; and 

10. Practice professional, social, and ethical accountability and responsibility. 

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Malayan Colleges Laguna, A Mapúa School,  in its constant dedication to excellence, has partnered with the Business College of Athens (BCA).

MCL will now offer a Master of Science in Shipping Business under the MCL Mapúa-PTC College of Maritime Education and Training (CMET) and its partner company Philippine Transmarine Carriers Inc. (PTC).

Start your journey, and join the program to gain the advanced skills, knowledge, and expertise required for a successful career in the demanding and highly competitive industry of shipping. 
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Admission Requirements

To be considered for admission, applicants must be:

Application Procedure

Fill out the Online Application Form

Pay the Application Fee

Receive the Acceptance Letter

Prepare the Enrollment Requirements for Submission Online or On-site

Proceed with the Enrollment and Submission of Requirements

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Tel. no.: + 63 (49) 832-4000

Mapúa-PTC College of Maritime Education and Training 
(Mapúa-PTC CMET) 

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Tel. no.: + 63 (49) 832-4053 

- A holder of a bachelor's degree from a recognized institution of higher learning or maritime degree holders; or a Certificate of Competency

- High intellectual capacity

- Language proficiency; and

- Satisfaction of additional University requirements such as a health clearance and other special admission requirements that may be imposed by the head of the College/Unit, through channels.

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 “The continuing rise of technology and innovation has greatly enabled international partnerships, which are imperative to an institution's growth. With this collaboration, MCL aims to further its mission to transform students into globally competitive professionals by generating, sharing, and applying new knowledge, all while exchanging cultures.”
Engr. Anthony Hilmer S. Medrano
EVP/COO, Malayan Colleges Laguna
The collaboration between Malayan Colleges Laguna, A Mapúa School and Business College of Athens, Greece via Transnational Education (TNE) is a beneficial decision of the two Institutions whose main reason is to have the opportunity to fulfill the common desire to further expand and to multiply future specialists in the Shipping Business Program, all to significantly contribute to the development of the shipping industry around the world. It is envisioned to be a huge help to seafarers who intend to continue their passion in the field of shipping here on land. 
Capt. Armando A. Ternida
Dean, Mapúa-PTC CMET
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Read the complete guidelines for enrollment through this link.  

Career Opportunities

  • Successful graduates of the program shall be eligible for work-based opportunities in Greece, provided by BCA College Career Office. 

  • BCA career office is affiliated with more than 900 Ship Management companies in Greece, having successfully placed over 8.000 alumni over the past 50 years of its operations as the leading Maritime College. 
BCA College is proud to announce the partnership, the first of its kind historically, between a Greek and a Filipino academic institution. MCL and CMET have managed to become a focal point for applied education in the field of Shipping Management, while BCA, the oldest Maritime College of Greece with 9,000 alumni and 300+ ship management companies as supporters, will offer a unique online degree teaching the secrets of Greek Ship Management to the world’s most important seafaring nation, the Philippines. 
Mr. Harris Daskalakis
President and CEO, Business College of Athens (BCA)