Malayan Colleges Laguna

MCL participates in the 1st Internal Youth Conference on Language and Culture 2022

Last October 29, 2022, Malayan Colleges Laguna, A Mapúa School (MCL) attended the 1st International Youth Conference on Language and Culture (IYCLAC). MCL was represented by two students from the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) – Jelica Ann Marie G. Bella from the B.A. Communication program, and Martin David R. Victoria from the Bachelor of Multimedia Arts program. 

IYCLAC was organized by Esa Unggul University (EUU) along with the English Pro-Club and Hangari Korean Club. This event is held in commemoration of the Indonesian Youth Pledge Day which is celebrated every 28th of October since year 1928 and was established to honor the vow of the Indonesian youth to have one motherland, one nation, and one language. The Youth Pledge demonstrated that Indonesia at the period granted young people opportunities and valued their opinions in the process of establishing the country.  

The conference was also conducted in observance of Language month and the 29th annual anniversary of EUU. For over the past ten years, the university has progressed significantly and was ranked among Jakarta’s leading private universities. Both in terms of scientific outcomes and community engagement, the institution has expanded promptly, and the worldwide community has acknowledged its accomplishments. The EUU presently has a connection to international quality standards in academic excellence as a result of its partnership with Arizona State University (ASU). 

This primary goal and objective of IYCLAC is to develop a young generation that is socially informed and shares concern about the significance of culture and language together with developing creative ideas and communication in a multicultural environment. To share their insights, original ideas, and opinions on preserving youth identity among varied and multicultural communities and landscapes, this conference welcomed engagement from students from several colleges in Indonesia as well as other nations, including the Philippines. 

In an interview, the students from CAS were asked why they accepted the invitation from EUU. Jelica from B.A. Communication said that “I joined there not just for the experience, but to showcase the global competitiveness of those who are honed by our institution.” She also added that, “As you can see, to represent MCL is both an honor and a privilege. Aside from this, I want to know more about other countries’ culture; it is like traveling the world in a glimpse through words.”  

Martin David Victoria from BMMA (left) and Jelica Ann Marie Bella from BA COMM (right) at the Internal Youth Conference on Language and Culture 2022. Photo from OSPGE.

As the conference feature the theme of “Preserving Youth Identity in Multicultural Society”, Jelica discussed Presenting Filipino Folk Culture to a Global Audience: The Nuances of Netflix’s Trese. She considered Trese as her subject matter as she mentioned that the Netflix adaptation of the Filipino novel is a prime illustrative example of cultural representation. She continued by saying that Netflix is a platform that offers a distinctive door of opportunity to conserve, promote culture and promote a wide range of viewpoints globally. Jelica then concluded with an emphasis on her statement that Trese is an embodiment of how animation conveys and perpetuates folk culture and youth culture. The modernization of folklore not only will be able to capture the interest of the youth of the present generation but would help preserve the rich heritage and traditions deeply rooted within the national culture.  

Jelica Ann Marie Bella during here discussion of “Presenting Filipino Folk Culture to a Global Audience: The Nuances of Netflix’s Trese” at IYCLAC. Photo from OSPGE.

On the same event, Martin, the current president of CAS Student Council, talked about The Growing Impact of Social Media towards Individuals Across our Societies.” He mainly elaborated the notable quotation of the Philippine’s National Hero, Dr. Jose P. Rizal, in which he stated that “Kabataan ang Pagasa ng Bayan” (The youth is the hope of our country). Martin emphasized that there is a strong cultural influence that underlies the impact of technology on daily existence. Social media is a crucial venue for communication, information exchange, identity promotion, and cultural promotion. Filipinos are more susceptible to intercultural exposure and its impacts on people’s sense of who they are in society because the country has the most active social media users. According to Martin, the multicultural environment is inevitable and beyond human control or supervision, however, young Filipinos can evolve and represent their unique identities by concentrating on local media and content in order to develop their identities online over time.  

Martin David Victoria during his discussion of “The Growing Impact of Social Media towards Individuals Across our Societies.” at IYCLAC. Photo from OSPGE.

On MCL’s participation to the international youth conference, MCL’s Assistant Vice-President for External Relations and Global Linkages, Prof. James Ronald O. Mesina stated that, “It’s part of our activities for regional and international collaboration, and for wider and greater exposure for our students to share to their regional and Asian counterparts.” 

Cintana Education invited MCL to take part in IYCLAC at EUU. Last year, MCL applied for membership to the Cintana Alliance, whose goal is to enhance teacher and student mobility and internationalize the program. The Cintana Alliance offers the advantage of providing MCL with possibilities to engage on a global scale through its members. Given that EUU is a part of the alliance, partner universities like MCL are acknowledged of all their potential for global engagement.  

MCL actively urges its students to be involved in extracurricular activities that possess a global focus given the privileges and advantages. According to Prof. Eva Marie M. Pedregosa, Program Chair of the Bachelor of Arts in Communication Program, Jelica’s participation in the event fulfills the student outcomes of the communication program. She has demonstrated by her involvement that MCL B.A. Communication students are adept to “Communicate in different formats and platforms (print, broadcast, and online)” (SO1); “Moreover, she has clearly proven in her discussion that Communication students are capable to apply communication theories/models, principles, practices, and tools” in development-related discourses (SO5).  

Proactive MCL students like Martin and Jelica were eager to offer their knowledge and insights with other young people in the Philippines and Indonesia. In essence, exposure equates to everything. MCL promotes the skills of the Filipino youth in language and culture among its fellow Asian allies.