What's new?


What's new?

Arizona State University powered by innovation, diversity, and commitment to elevating student experiences, Arizona State University (ASU) strives to be a pioneer in higher education by pushing the boundaries of what it and its students can be.

Our Strategies for Student Success

MCL’s collaboration with ASU enhances the quality of higher education in the Philippines by fostering the development of students who are innovative leaders in the digital world, globally knowledgeable, and grounded in practical experience.


Digital Enhanced

Mapúa University’s collaboration with ASU enables MCL to equip pioneering individuals, who have a natural aptitude for technology, with the necessary digital skills and abilities for adapting in an ever-changing and technology-rich world. This collaboration will allow students to better understand and leverage the technology available to them and use it in ways that will benefit their communities and society at large.


Global Exposure

Through this collaboration, MCL students have access to ASU's top-quality content and curriculum. In addition, they will have the chance to gain valuable global experience through exchange programs and immersions at ASU. With co-lecturing, student exchange, and summer immersion programs available to MCL students, they can become well-rounded individuals with a mindset that focuses on helping the world at their fingertips.


Real-world Experiential Learning

Experience is a valuable teacher, but guidance is necessary to ensure that its lessons are effectively learned. The global learning experience offered by MCL and ASU involves exposing students to the knowledge of industry professionals and real-life situations, helping them to become more adaptable and forward-thinking.

Degree Programs

As the best science and technology college in Laguna, we are proud of the courses we offer. Our goal is to provide learning that goes beyond the traditional classroom and is rooted in real-life industry situations and experiences.

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