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Online or face-to-face classes? Make your choice at Malayan Colleges Laguna.

Limited face-to-face classes will open upon IATF approval.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the landscape of education, especially with the many limitations placed on the various sectors of society. With education being one of those hit the hardest, students and teachers all over the world were forced to find remote solutions so that learning and teaching can continue, even online.

Thanks to its Innovative Learning System having been in place for blended learning even before the pandemic, Malayan Colleges Laguna (MCL) was able to smoothly transition to fully online learning for its students. Still, despite the convenience of learning at home, the fact remains that there are those who would like the choice to continue with face-to-face classes, at least once deemed safe by the government to resume.

With more than a year having passed since the outbreak of the pandemic, and with both the government and education institutions working to address the many issues it brought about, the day that students can once again meet with their professors and classmates in person may be fast approaching.

As the number one private school in CALABARZON, Malayan Colleges Laguna is prepared to cater to the varying needs of students with its two Flexible Learning Options for its students:

Blended Learning Option
Blended Online and On-Campus Learning

Once allowed by the government, students may opt for limited face-to-face classes on campus combined with online learning through the MCL Online portal. The Blended Learning Option is for those who would prefer to meet with their professors and classmates, especially for classes that may require hands-on use of equipment, such as for laboratory courses.

Malayan Colleges Laguna will follow the 4-10 cyclical shifting model, where students may attend on-campus classes for four (4) consecutive days before reverting to fully remote learning for ten (10) straight days.

A maximum of 20 students per class will be allowed for on-campus courses. With the enforcement of strict health and safety protocols against COVID-19, students and parents are assured of everyone’s safety on the campus.

Remote Learning Option
Fully Online Learning

Malayan Colleges Laguna understands that there are students and parents who may not be comfortable with leaving the safety of home at this time. For this, the Remote Learning Option will still be offered for students who prefer not to go campus for limited face-to-face classes. With this option, students may continue with fully online learning through the MCL Online portal.

This option requires students to have a home internet connection and learning devices such as laptops, desktop computers, or tablets to be able to participate in synchronous and asynchronous classes, as well as submit assessments and other requirements.

Fully Online Degrees are also available for busy students who need more flexibility as they pursue their college education. With the fully asynchronous classes for Fully Online Degree students, learners can study at their own pace, anywhere and anytime.

Interested in having access to these Flexible Learning Options? Choose the option that works best for you, Right Here. Whichever your choice, Malayan Colleges Laguna is dedicated to bringing you the same quality education that will enable you to launch your career of choice and become a globally competitive professional.

Malayan Colleges Laguna’s Senior High School and College programs are open for enrollment for A.Y. 2021-2022. Start your learning journey with us today.

FAQs: MCL’s Flexible Learning Options

When will students be allowed to attend face-to-face classes?
Limited face-to-face classes for Senior High School and College students with selected laboratory courses will be held as soon as approved by the Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF), Commission on Higher Education (CHED), Department of Education (DepEd), and Local Government Units (LGUs). This will be part of the Blended Learning Option.

Can I choose to continue with fully online even when the government allows students to go back to the campus?
Yes, MCL students will be allowed to continue with the Remote Learning Option, through which fully online learning and easy access to resources and assessments are available via the MCL Online portal. With the MCL Innovative Learning System, students are assured to receive the same quality education regardless of the learning option selected.

Will all students be allowed to attend limited face-to-face classes?
Students who have courses that require hands-on exercises, such as laboratory courses, will be allowed to attend face-to-face classes in the campus.

Can I now register for limited face-to-face classes?
Not yet. The availability of limited face-to-face classes will depend on the IATF’s approval.

How safe are students during limited face-to-face classes?
Strict health and safety protocols against COVID-19 will be in place for everyone in the campus so that students, parents, and teachers can rest assured of their safety.

MCL Fully Online Degrees: Empowering students with flexibility and convenience

Life may sometimes get in the way of finishing one’s studies – whether it’s because of the need to work, concerns for safety in the time of a pandemic, or some other obligation that needs to be prioritized, making the choice to stop is never an easy one. But in an age when tools for learning are now available online, such circumstances need not be a hindrance anymore.

As it aims to be the leader in digital learning, and in order to cater to tertiary students whose learning needs are different from the norm, Malayan Colleges Laguna (MCL) is now launching Fully Online Degree programs for Engineering and Information Technology. A Mapua School, it has Mapua University’s world-renowned educational heritage and expertise in these fields embedded in its DNA, making sure that learners are equipped to excel, lead, and innovate in a changing society.

“Even before the pandemic, MCL has been constantly looking into ways on how we can bring its offerings closer to individuals that are also aspiring to earn a degree and fulfill their life’s ambition,” shared Engr. Anthony Hilmer S. Medrano, Malayan Colleges Laguna’s Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. “We all know that MCL as a Mapua School lives with the legacy of Mapua University, and we can also see that in how MCL’s graduates are performing after they graduate.”

“We want to extend the same opportunity to individuals who, because of their situation, are somehow restricted in pursuing their career of choice. The Fully Online Degree programs of MCL presents the solution to these different scenarios and bring the offerings to those in need and aspire to improve their career,” he added.

With Malayan Colleges Laguna’s Fully Online Degree programs, you can now continue taking your college degree with flexibility – at your own pace, and wherever you may be.

Are you a student looking to enroll for a fully online degree? Here are some of the reasons why Malayan Colleges Laguna is the viable school choice:

· Self-Paced and Accessible Learning – Anytime, Anywhere

Malayan Colleges Laguna’s Fully Online Degree programs are powered by Blackboard Learn (BBL), a virtual learning environment and learning management system. Through BBL, online modules are available anytime and anywhere, allowing for convenient, self-paced learning that you can easily fit into your busy schedule, even if you’re employed or pursuing other passions. There will never be a need for you to go to the school campus, so you can enroll for your program of choice even if you live as far as Baguio City, Cebu City, or abroad. School fees for fully online degrees are also more affordable than for regular degrees, making them more accessible to everyone.

· Highly Qualified, Online-Ready Faculty

Malayan Colleges Laguna’s faculty members are not only highly qualified – they are also well-trained in the online delivery of learning, especially with tools being in place for over a decade. Mentors maximize the use of these tools, ensuring that the transition to a fully online educational experience is seamless for students.

· Easy Access to Online Resources and Tools

As you navigate your fully online degree, you may find that you sometimes need additional learning materials for research projects and assignments. Malayan Colleges Laguna’s library, the Center for Learning Information and Resources, offers a myriad of online services that allow you to request for scanned book chapters, e-copies of theses, e-journals, and more. Through its Innovative Learning System, E-learning tools such as Wiley Digital Solutions, Blackboard Collaborate, ScienceDirect, Britannica Academic, Labster, LinkedIn Learning and Coursera are also available.

· Strong Student Intervention Programs

Shifting to fully online learning may bring challenges with it, especially when it comes to juggling time. Malayan Colleges Laguna offers student intervention programs that allow you to connect with life coaches who can support and guide you to surpass these difficulties even as you pursue a professional work life.

· Online Admissions

For your safety and convenience, Malayan Colleges Laguna’s Admissions Office has prepared a fully online process for new student admission and application. Enrollment can be done remotely with a few clicks and the online submission of credentials and documents.

Ever dedicated to its mission and vision, Malayan Colleges Laguna has always had its focus on transforming its students into globally competitive professionals. Now, this learning environment has been made available online, allowing you, students who are different from the norm – students who need flexibility – to pursue the same quality of education and finish the degree of your choice without sacrificing anything else that life demands from you.

Malayan Colleges Laguna offers Fully Online Degrees for B.S. Electronics Engineering, B.S. Industrial Engineering, and B.S. Information Technology. Enrollment is now ongoing for A.Y. 2021-2022.

Start your fully online learning journey today! Click here to apply.

Why is Your Senior High School Choice Critical?

Ever since the implementation of K-12 in the Philippines in 2016, numerous questions have popped up from parents and students. Even if years have passed, students and parents still find themselves with more questions, and less answers, that can help them make the best possible decisions for their future.

If you’re an incoming Senior High School student yourself, you may find yourself asking this question:

What is Senior High School for?

Senior High School can be your springboard for a successful college life. It may appear to be two additional years of education, but these years will not be wasted if you make the right choices even before enrollment for college. Here are some of the things that incoming Senior High School students and their parents should consider before making any big decisions:

1. The Right Senior High School

The right Senior High School will allow you to take the next step: preparation for college. In Senior High School, you would be right in the middle of exiting high school and entering tertiary education. Before you know it, you will be graduating with a degree, and you’ll be seeking your first job. The idea may seem daunting, but the transition to the next phase in your life will be smoother if you come prepared – and the right Senior High School will help you with that.

You will need a school that meets the global K-12 standard; a school that will enable you to become globally competitive yourself, a school that is the leader in your preferred field, and a school that will allow for easy transition into a college that will enhance your value as a career person.

You will need a school that can help you map out your future, and a school that will help you develop wholistically, allowing you to embody the values you need to stand out among the rest.

Malayan Colleges Laguna (MCL) is the school that will help you achieve all of these. Having been known to offer quality education since 2007, Malayan Colleges Laguna has long since established itself as an accomplished higher education institution with exceptional board passing rates, an outstanding reputation in local and national competitions, and industry connections that help students gain experience and enhance skills for employability. The school opened its doors to Senior High School students in 2016, offering the same quality of learning to the new generation of learners.

2. The Right Senior High School Track and Strand

Besides choosing the right SHS, you will also need to decide on the best track and strand for you.

You can think of the Senior High School “tracks” as areas of study, from which you can select more specific paths called “strands.” These strands will help narrow down your potential college and career options.

This is essential for you to focus your energy on your desired path that can extend not just to college, but beyond it as well.

At Malayan Colleges Laguna Senior High School (MCL-SHS), two tracks are offered: the Academic Track, and the Technical-Vocational-Livelihood Track. Under the Academic Track, the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) strand, Accountancy, Business and Management (ABM) strand, and Humanities and Social Sciences (HUMSS) strand are offered, while the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) strand is offered under the Technical-Vocational-Livelihood Track.

If it feels overwhelming to think about the available choices, it may help to think first about what you see yourself doing in the future. Think about the career you want to pursue, and the college degree you need to do so – and then you can find the Senior High School strand that is best aligned to it.

This strand will be your first step outside of general education – and through it, you will be able to both explore your interests further and test the waters of the path you’ve chosen for yourself.

3. The Right Preparation

There may still be some debate on whether Senior High School is necessary and worth the time, especially since the Philippines has only started implementing the K-12 system five years ago, but the fact remains that through K-12, transitioning to studies or a career abroad is now easier. And with the right preparation, you can make the most out of the two years you will be spending in Senior High School.

Through a good Senior High School education, you can prepare yourself for the real world by engaging in opportunities that allow you to grow and learn through serving, to innovate and explore your capabilities, and to challenge yourself by solving real-world problems.

Your Senior High School experience might not always be smooth sailing, but it’s also possible to find all the help you need if you choose the right school.

At Malayan Colleges Laguna, not only is there an abundance of extracurricular activities for your growth, but your wellbeing is also prioritized. Malayan Colleges Laguna advocates for the mental health of everyone, with webinars held regularly for students and employees alike. The institution has also deployed its Innovative Learning System to continuously address the needs of students despite the limitations that the pandemic has placed on schools. Social activities are also still held even online, allowing students to network, meet, and become leaders.

Senior High School may seem like a tough phase in a student’s life, but when you choose Malayan Colleges Laguna, it can be easier.

Find out more about Malayan Colleges Laguna and its Senior High School program. Enroll now and start your journey with us today.

MCL hosts SECRA Philippine launch

The Philippine launching and local kickoff of the Strengthening University-Enterprise Collaboration for Resilient Communities in Asia (SECRA) was held on May 20, 2021 via Zoom, and broadcasted live via the Malayan Colleges Laguna (MCL) official Facebook page. A collaboration between Ateneo de Manila University, Malayan Colleges Laguna, and the Philippine Normal University, the event aimed to promote SECRA in the Philippines and to provide an overview on what the project is about. With the event open to the public, a total of 122 people were in attendance (105 in Zoom and 17 in Facebook).

Dr. Roberto C. Yap, Engr. Dodjie S. Maestrecampo, and Dr. Bert J. Tuga, Presidents of the Philippine Partner Universities, welcomed the audience. During the event, attendees were provided with a snapshot of the goals of SECRA as a research consortium, the Philippine Partner Universities were introduced, and a commitment to the initiative was given by the Philippine Team and a representative of the Partner Enterprises.

Jörgen Sparf and Evangelia Petridou from the Mid-Sweden University (MIUN) supplied the audience with information about SECRA, clarified its scope, and emphasized its objectives. The keynote speaker was Richard Haigh, Professor of Disaster Resilience and Co-Director of the University of Huddersfield’s Global Disaster Resilience Center, who spoke about University-Enterprise Collaboration (UEC) experiences in the UK. Moreover, he emphasized on the role that initiatives like SECRA have in terms of nation-building and bridging gaps that would eventually lead to a better and more impactful collaboration for resilience.

“Overall, the SECRA initiative (co-funded by the Erasmus + Programme of the European Union) is a very meaningful collaborative work for the involved Philippine Universities and their partner organizations, institutions, communities, and enterprises,” says the MCL Project Lead, Dean Maria Rhodora R. Austria of the E.T. Yuchengco College of Business. “Ateneo De Manila University, Malayan Colleges Laguna, and the Philippine Normal University are all very proud and honored to be a part of an opportunity to make an impact and contribute to more resilient Filipino communities in the context of Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction.”

The event highlighted the importance of the SECRA initiative to the Philippines and to the UEC landscape in the country. Having been able to meet its objectives of introducing SECRA to more people and spreading more information about the project, allowing for more understanding of its purpose, the event was a resounding success.

MCL joins EU-funded Project for Resilience in Asia

Malayan Colleges Laguna (MCL) has been named as one of the partners for SECRA, the Strengthening University-Enterprise Collaboration (UEC) for Resilient Communities in Asia project.

Led by the Mid Sweden University Risk and Crisis Research Center in Sweden, with the University of Central Lancashire in the United Kingdom as the co-lead, SECRA is a three-year project with 13 partners from six different countries.

Besides MCL, the Asian partners comprise of Ateneo de Manila University and Philippine Normal University in the Philippines; University of Ruhuna, University of Sri Jayewardenepura, and University of Peradeniya in Sri Lanka; and Chiang Mai University, Naresuan University, and Mahasarakham University in Thailand. European partners also include the University of Huddersfield in Great Britain and Tallinn Technical University in Estonia.

With a focus on the consequences of climate change, SECRA aims to contribute to resilient communities in Asia by improving disaster risk reduction through stronger collaborations among universities, public authorities, non-government organizations (NGOs), and industries.

Having received funding from the European Union’s Erasmus+, a program managed by the European Commission along with other organizations to support education, training, youth, and sport in Europe, the project started in January 2021 and will run for three years.

For its first year, the efforts for SECRA will concentrate on mapping the structure for the collaboration for disaster risk reduction in the project’s partner countries in Asia.

As part of the Philippine team, MCL is expected to contribute to Work Package deliverables, ultimately coming up with a country report that would fulfill the overall objectives of the project. Along with the other representatives from the Philippines, MCL will be working on tasks such as conducting document studies and analyses, developing frameworks, online platforms, programs, and tools, preparing policy briefs, policy dialogue, and materials and running on-site training sessions, among others.

“It is both a privilege and big responsibility to be a part of this project, but I am hopeful that it will also create a meaningful impact for the communities we live in,” shared the MCL Project Lead, Dean Maria Rhodora R. Austria of the E.T. Yuchengco College of Business.

MCL became part of SECRA after applying for the grant funded by the EU Commission.

Watch the Philippine Launch of the Strengthening University-Enterprise Collaboration for Resilient Communities in Asia (SECRA) project on the Malayan Colleges Laguna Facebook page on May 19, 2021, 4:00 PM (Philippine Standard Time).

MCL CGC holds new normal career webinar for college students

by Jameela Lim, B.S. Chemical Engineering student

Last 13th of April 2021, Malayan Colleges Laguna’s Center for Guidance and Counseling (MCL CGC) spearheaded a symposium titled ‘A New Normal Career Journey: A Webinar for College Students.’ Speakers from different fields were invited to conduct talks with the aim of helping participants navigate life in the new normal, particularly with regards to career and finance. The event was conducted through Facebook Live, beginning at 2:00 in the afternoon, and was open to both members and nonmembers of the MCL community.

Succeeding a prayer and the singing of the Philippine National Anthem, MCL CGC Head Mabeth B. Francia extended her appreciation to the people supporting the event in various ways, most especially to the staff of the organizing office. Furthermore, she encouraged MCL students to visit their Blackboard Course entitled “A New Normal Career Journey for MCL Students” and take advantage of the resources available there.

Governor of the Employers Confederation of the Philippines Arturo “Butch” Guerrero III started off the event with his talk titled ‘Career Opportunities for Filipinos in the New Normal.’ In the session, participants were given insight into the current situation of the Philippine Labor Market, the creation of new jobs amidst the pandemic, skills development in a fast-changing market, and work-from-home opportunities.

In the succeeding Q&A, Mr. Guerrero shares his personal views on the uncertainties of life that he likened to the journey itself and advised listeners to expect challenges. Moreover, he emphasized the importance of honesty and setting expectations, both for oneself and for a possible employer, when going through the hiring process.

With his seminar titled ‘Shifting to a digitized career placement and its impact to recruiting talent’, Accenture Recruiting Manager Mr. Ezekiel Fernando gave the audience an overview of Accenture and the said company’s achievements, and methods of shifting to a digitized career. Furthermore, as response to questions regarding the culture found in the workforce, he shared his personal experience with his current company: the nonpractice of cultural and gender biases in the hiring process; the use of programs for better work organization and efficiency; the company’s investment in developing their employees’ soft skills; and the availability of mental support.

“Do things because you are willing, not because you are obliged,” MCL Civil Engineering Alumnus Engr. Kristoffer Denis G. Gonzales quoted as he shared tips on managing in the new normal in terms of routines

and mindset, in his talk titled ‘Young professionals thriving in the new normal’. Answering to the queries of the audience, he emphasized the importance of reassessing one’s goals to realign motivations according to what must be done, ensuring clear communication, and finding people to that can help them pursue their passion.

In line with promoting their advocacy of “leading financial and healthy security amongst hardworking Filipinos”, Corporate Specialist from Sun Life Grepa Financial Inc. Mr. Rhoderick P. Rivas gave a presentation bearing the company’s theme for the year: ‘Guardians of the New World. Rise & Protect the Future’. The talk enlightened the audience regarding insurance (i.e. what it is, different types), the importance of managing finances, and commonly observed behaviors in people when it comes to money.

The webinar neared its conclusion with MCL Student Affairs Office (MCL SAO) Director Angelito D. Platino welcoming all attendees and extending his gratitude to each individual speakers, giving his own insights to the topics covered. The event officially ended late into the afternoon with the singing of the Malayan Hymn.

The event was hosted by MCL B.A. Communication students Averdyl Batoy and Raffi Sandoval. The recording of the event remains available on MCL CGC’s Facebook Page.

MCL Accountancy students dominate PICPA Laguna Chapter Accounting Quiz Bee

by Alexis Sybert Narvaez, B.S. Mechanical Engineering student

Accountancy students from Malayan Colleges Laguna’s (MCL) E.T. Yuchengco College of Business (ETYCB) emerged victorious in all three levels of the Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants (PICPA) Laguna Chapter Accounting Quiz Bee held last February 22, 2021 via the Zoom video conferencing application. The six student representatives from MCL swept all the top places in the academic competition, winning as Champions and 1st Runners-Up in Basic Level for first year students, Intermediate Level for second year students, and Advanced Level for third year students.

Bagging the 1st place and the runner-up finish in the Basic Level category are Rhian Mico M. Fabella and Raiven S. Pabalan, respectively. Finishing in the first and second places in the Intermediate Level category are Christal Mae R. Villamin and Michael Antonio S. Santos. For the Advanced Level category of the quiz bee, Jana Marice O. Bercasio and Andrea Jane A. Arce won as the champion and the first runner-up, respectively. The coach behind the winning six-member pool of quizzers is Accountancy Program Chair Prof. Rizalina B. Ong.

The students however achieved this feat not without having to overcome challenges along the way, as this was their first experience taking part in a quiz bee held in a completely virtual environment. Also, they had to juggle between preparing for the competition and completing their course requirements as they took on the quiz bee on a short notice of less than a week of preparation.

“With the online setup, I was really worried about internet disruptions and other environment distractions,” shared Villamin. “However, our program chair kept saying that we should not worry because at the end of day, the experience is what really matters so we just have to enjoy it and give it our best,” said Bercasio. On the other hand, “It is a fulfilling experience to uphold the reputation of our institution and bring honor to it,” Santos stated.

With the excellent performance of garnering the top places in all levels in the PICPA Laguna Chapter showcase, our student representatives earned the right to participate in the PICPA Regional Accounting Quiz Bee on April 23, 2021.

Engr. Dodjie S. Maestrecampo appointed as new MCL and MCM President and CEO

Message from Dr. Reynaldo B. Vea, former President and CEO of Malayan Colleges Laguna and Malayan Colleges Mindanao

Starting April 12, 2021, Engr. Dodjie S. Maestrecampo will be the President and CEO of both Malayan Colleges Laguna and Malayan Colleges Mindanao. It is an appointment he richly deserves as the person most instrumental in the establishment, growth and success of both institutions. Let us all wish him well and continue to support him in his new positions!

Reynaldo B. Vea
President & CEO

April 11, 2021

Congratulations, Engr. Dodjie Maestrecampo!

As the new President and CEO of MCL and MCM, he will continue to strive towards excellence in innovative digital learning to empower students and faculty in our journey to build professionals.

Prior to this appointment, Engr. Dodjie Maestrecampo served as the Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Malayan Colleges Laguna from 2006 to 2017, and of Malayan Colleges Mindanao from 2018 to 2021.

With this change, MCL renews its commitment to its mission to provide quality education, enhance the employability of graduates, and contribute to the solution of real world problems through research, all while fulfilling its vision to become a global steeple of excellence in these fields.

Through the promise of striving for student success, Engr. Maestrecampo will carry on in leading the Laguna and Davao counterparts of Mapúa University towards building Filipino education to consistently meet global standards.

MCL holds Faculty Research Colloquium 2021

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hui-Lin Ong from the University Malaysia Perlis served as the plenary speaker of the 2021 MCL Faculty Research Colloquium.

by Jameela Lim, B.S. Chemical Engineering student

With the theme “Research Innovations for the Service of the Society,” Malayan Colleges Laguna (MCL) conducted its 2021 MCL Faculty Research Colloquium last 24th of March 2021. Led by Prof. Dr. Liza B. Patacsil, Director for Research Promotion and Coordination Office (RPCO), the online conference was divided into three sessions, and featured different scientific research spearheaded by members of the MCL community. The platforms used are Blackboard Collaborate for the plenary, and Microsoft Teams for the breakout sessions.

The colloquium was initially graced by the presence of plenary speaker, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hui-Lin Ong from the University Malaysia Perlis, with her speech titled “Scholarly Writing of Articles for Publication and Research Proposals”.


Internet-Based Electric Meter with Theft Detection, Theft Notification, and Consumption Monitoring for Residential Power Lines Using Wireless Network Technology. Presented by Electrical Engineering Program Chair Engr. Maria Criselda Loyola, this research is currently published in the International Journal of Electrical and Electronic Engineering & Telecommunications (IJEETC), and initially won Session IV’s Best Presentation Award at the International Conference on Information and Electronics Engineering (ICIEE) 2019 held in Japan.

Mechanical Properties of Recycled Polypropylene Macro Flat Fiber Reinforced Concrete with Rice Hull Ash as Partial Replacement to Cement. This research was elaborated in the colloquium by Civil Engineering Faculty Member Engr. Neslyn Principio and was initially presented at the International Conference on Composite Material, Polymer Science and Engineering (CMPSE2019) held in Thailand last October 2019.

This year’s Faculty Research Colloquium was presented virtually, with Blackboard Collaborate used for the plenary, and Microsoft Teams for the breakout sessions.

Characterization of Low-Pressure Nitrogen Plasma Discharge and Pre-Oxidation on the Surface Characteristics of Activated Carbons. Detailed in the conference by Chemical Engineering Faculty Member Engr. Ria Grace Abdon, the mentioned study was initially presented at the International Conference on Material Science and Engineering Technology (ICMSET2019) held in Singapore last October 2019.

Steam Integrated Flattening Machine for Bamboo Units. This study was the first out of five successive papers shared to the audience by Mechanical Engineering Faculty Member Engr. Alexander Hamilton Atienza. It is currently published in IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering Volume 739.

Multi-Directional Forced Convection Kiln Oven Drying System for Bamboo Culms. This research was presented at the International Conference on Advanced Materials, Mechanics and Structural Engineering (AMMSE2019) held last October 2019. It can also be accessed in IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering Volume 739.

Small Scale Bubbling Fluidized Bed Gasifier for Syngas Extraction from Napier grass.

Solar Dryer with Reheating System for Annatto Fruit Pericarp.

Dual Grinding and Mixing Machine for Vermicompost and Worm Biomass Production. This study, the last of Engr. Atienza’s presentations, was initially featured at the 1st International Conference on Biomass Utilization and Sustainable Energy (ICoBiomasSE) held last December 2020 via Zoom.


BMIMATIC: Body Mass Index Derivation from Captured Images. One of the two investigations presented by Information Technology Faculty Member Dr. Adomar Ilao, this study was first elaborated at the 11th International Conference on Digital Image Processing (ICDIP2019) in the Republic of China last May 2019.

Transcription of Guitar Chords from Acoustic Audio. The last of Dr. Ilao’s presentations, this study was initially presented at the Asia Conference on Machine Learning and Computing (ACMLC2019) held in Hong Kong last December 2019.

Computation and Numerical Modelling Simulation for Classification of Water Quality at Laguna Lake. Detailed by Computer Science Program Chair Jonalyn Ebron, this study was also initially featured at the ACMLC 2019.

Web and Mobile Ticketing and Service Tracking for Customer Engagement of a Small Accounting Firm. This research was elaborated to the colloquium attendees by Information Systems Faculty Member Dr. Ellenita Red, and was presented at the 5th International Conference on E-business & Mobile Commerce in Taiwan last May 2019.

Web Log Analysis of a Digital Game-based Learning System in Vocabulary Enrichment for College Students. The last of Dr. Red’s presentation for the colloquium, this research was one of the many presented at the ACMLC 2019 in Hong Kong last December 2019.

Simuline: Cloud-Based Waiting Line Management Tool with Mobile Technology. This study was the first out of two successive papers presented by Information Technology Faculty Member Rhea Tortor.

Online Workflow Management System for Streamlining the Processing of Business Permits in a Local Government Unit. This research was initially elaborated at the 5th International Conference on E-business & Mobile Conference.

Wireless Network Enabled Rice Black Bug Traps with Meteorological Wind Sensory System and Intelligent Trap Distance Detection via Dynamic Univariate Data Analysis. This study was one of the three successive research elaborated by Information Technology and Computer Science Faculty Member Dr. Dennis Martillano. The said study was initially detailed at the International Conference on Networking and Information Technology (ICNIT2019).

Distinguished faculty members from the various colleges presented their research during the three breakout sessions.

Borehole Wells and Near-Surface Greenhouse Real-time Gas Emission Monitoring System for Solid Waste Management Facilities with Self-Calibrating Algorithm via Linear Regression and Zone-based Data Analysis via Clustering Technique. Determining Smokers’ Quitting Behavior Patterns for Multi-level Intervention of a Smoking Cessation Program. This research was initially presented at the International Conference on Knowledge Discovery (ICKD2019).


My Research Journey: The Long and Winding Road to Happiness. Detailed by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Evangeline Timbang CHE, CGSP.

A [Research] Writing from Scratch! Presented by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Millano Torres.

Research for a Cause: A Philippines for Live Strong Experience. Elaborated by CAS Faculty Member Algene De Guzman.

Emerging Strategies for Resource Recovery from Wastewater. This study was presented by Ms. Amelia Parao.

Complete Tripartite Graphs with Spanning Maximal Planar Subgraphs. The research was published in the Journal of the Mathematical Society of the Philippines Col. 42 No. 2 (2019) pp. 1-10, and was elaborated in the colloquium by CAS Faculty Members Velimor Almonte and Emmanuel Natalio.

The MCL Faculty Research Colloquium is an event done annually with the aim of showcasing the community’s contribution to the pool of knowledge available worldwide. Much of the research done have received recognition both locally and internationally.

MCL obtains 3-star rating from QS

Malayan Colleges Laguna (MCL) closed 2020 with success as it obtained a three-star overall rating from the Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) Star Rating System from the United Kingdom. The institution received the information from the QS Intelligence unit last December 22, 2020.

Ever committed to its institutional goals, MCL is constantly on the lookout for credible and esteemed accrediting bodies or rating systems that would attest to the kind of education it offers, according to Engr. Maribel G. Songsong, MCL’s Vice President for Academic Affairs.

The QS Star Rating System is one such performance-based metric system that encompasses the key aspects of MCL’s mission. It gives star ratings to higher education institutions (HEIs) and universities, providing their students and other stakeholders a picture of their strengths and distinct values while recognizing achievements in various areas of operations. Each HEI that applies for QS Stars undergoes a rigorous evaluation process in a range of categories, and receives a rating for each, along with an overall rating.

Categories for rating

The four criteria and eight categories included in MCL’s evaluation are the following: Core Criteria, with Teaching, Employability, Internationalization, and Academic Development or Research as categories; Learning Environment/Facilities Criteria; Specialist/Program Strength; and Advanced Criteria, with Social Responsibility and Inclusiveness as categories.

Besides the three-star overall rating, MCL received a five-star rating for Employability, proof of the competence of its graduates as professionals in their own fields; a four-star rating for Facilities, for its smart campus and drive to deliver an advanced learning experience for students; and, in being true to its mission to contribute to the solution of industry’s and society’s problems through the various engagements of students with communities, three-star ratings for Social Responsibility and Inclusiveness. Through this, the institution has leveled up its national stature, assuring students and stakeholders of its dedication to its vision.

Commitment to excellence

“In spite of the pandemic and the uncertainty brought by COVID-19, MCL is committed to delivering quality education and in preparing our students for the global workforce. The achievement of a three-star rating in QS in these trying times is truly a resounding testament to MCL’s determination to live to its promise,” said Engr. Anthony Hilmer S. Medrano, MCL’s Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer.

“This achievement is a result of the hard work of faculty and students as well as our administrators and staff,” he added. “MCL will continue to improve its systems and devote itself to fully achieving its vision of becoming a global steeple of excellence in professional education.”

The journey for QS Stars was initiated by MCL’s President and Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Reynaldo B. Vea, who envisions MCL to become a globally recognized institution producing graduates at par with international counterparts, with the QS Stars rating being one of the strategic goals in place for realizing it.

“QS Stars are a way to assess institutions more broadly than through rankings, taking into consideration dozens of set indicators based on global standards and best practices. The 3-star rating awarded to MCL further proves that not only is it one of the best schools in CALABARZON, but is also one that can hold its own in both national and international stages; and is supplementing evidence that an institution’s young age is not a hindrance to achieving excellence,” said Dr. Vea.

“With it, we are able to pinpoint MCL’s strengths while recognizing what can be improved upon. May this achievement be a reminder and an encouragement for the MCL community to continue working together to ensure continuous quality improvement, and to always aim higher – consistency and the drive to go beyond will surely lead to the award of more QS Stars.”

A collective effort

Having been inspired by Dr. Vea’s leadership and commitment to realize MCL’s vision, a team composed mostly of department and college heads was created to help in completing the requirements in accordance with the QS Stars methodology. With collective effort, the team collated data sets and evidence used to satisfy the performance metrics, which were then reviewed and consolidated by the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs before being submitted to the QS Intelligence Unit.

“The full support and cooperation of the team made it possible to accomplish the requirements in due time,” shared Engr. Songsong. “I wish to convey my gratitude to the entire team. It was a long but worthwhile journey, considering the challenges we faced from doing the arduous tasks due to the pandemic crisis. Ultimately, we were able to reap what we sowed because of the hard work and commitment of everyone involved in realizing this goal.”

Gearing up for more QS stars

“Rest assured that with the Continuous Quality Improvement process in place and with the imbued culture of excellence and virtue in the MCL community, we will continue to maintain a high standard in delivering our commitment of quality education for our students and stakeholders,” continued Engr. Songsong.

“With this, it is our hope for MCL students to continue well in their studies, be inspired to fulfill their dreams of becoming professionals who are globally competitive, and be able to contribute to the nation and the society. May this three-star rating inspire us even more to keep moving forward and continue innovating to improve our systems and processes so that we can contribute to nation building by producing competent professionals with desirable character.”

Being MCL’s first rating for the system, the overall three (3) QS Stars and the evaluation done has given the administration helpful insights on both the institution’s strengths and the areas that need further improvement. Gearing up for international recognition, the next step for MCL is to achieve more QS stars in the future by focusing on strengthening its internationalization program. This includes forging partnerships with international HEIs to do collaborative research and attracting international students for exchange programs in the coming years.

“Success comes with great responsibility, strategic planning, proper communication and coordination, as well as commitment and teamwork guided by strong vision and leadership,” added Engr. Songsong, reiterating that MCL will continue to push to the limits to reach for more QS stars.