Any applicant intending to student in MCL as a transferee may be admitted on the following basis: • Performance in the Malayan Colleges Laguna Qualifying Examination (MCLQE)
• Performance in the interview process
• Choice of program and quota set for a specific program
• Good Moral Character

Transferees are those students who are from other colleges/universities, vocational or special training schools and students who wish to pursue to another degree program. MCL may credit the courses previously taken provided, that the program is CHED accredited

Filing of application for S.Y. 2018-2019 will start on September 2, 2017.


  1. Duly accomplished admission form
  2. Original and photocopy of Transcript of Records (TOR) or of Certified True Copy of Grades
  3. Two (2) pieces 1.5” x 1.5” recent identical pictures with plain background
  4. Certified true copy of course description (for crediting purposes)
  5. Application fee of PHP 400.00


STEP 1: Submit the listed requirements to the Admissions Office (ADO).

 NOTE: Wait for the advice of the ADO regarding the results of the evaluation of your transcript of records.

STEP 2: Pay the application fee at the Treasury Office (TO).
STEP 3: Present official receipt of payment to ADO and secure test permit.
STEP 4: Take the examination on the scheduled date. Examinees are advised to arrive 30 minutes earlier for an orientation, and to present their test permit to the proctor.

The Admissions Office will release the result of the examination after seven (7) working days.

NOTE: Please update ADO of any changes in your email address and contact numbers. Kindly note that results will not be released over the telephone. Should you have further inquiries, email or call via (049)832-4063 to 66.

STEP 5: Proceed to the Center of Guidance and Counseling (3rd floor, Einstein building) for interview, if applicable.


STEP 6: Proceed to the following offices for crediting of courses.
1. Program Chair of the applied program: Assignment of curriculum year and crediting of professional courses
2. Architecture Program Chair: Crediting of drawing, drafting and AUTOCAD courses
3. College of Arts and Science Cluster Heads: Crediting of Math, Science, Languages and Humanities courses
4. College of Computer of Information Science: Crediting of IT-related courses
5. NSTP: Provide certification of completion with serial number
6. Dean of the applied program: Approval of credited courses


STEP 7: Submit the following requirements for enrollment to the Admissions Office.
1. Duly filled student data sheet
2. Duly filled permit to enroll for non-freshmen
3. Original transcript of records or copy of grades
   3.1 The applicant must submit a Transcript of Records (authenticated by the Philippine Embassy from country of origin) if the applicant is a graduate from an international school
4. Original transfer credentials or honorable dismissal
5. Original Good Moral Character (GMC) certificate
6. Photocopy of NSO/PSA birth certificate (original must be presented for verification)
   6.1 If the applicant is not a Filipino citizen, submit (a) original and photocopy of passport with at least 6 months    validity; (b) Alien Certificate of Registration; (c) Student visa or student study permit
   6.2 If the applicant has dual citizenship, submit (a) Certificate of recognition as Filipino citizen or Philippine Passport;    (b) Authenticated birth certificate
7. Two (2) pieces identical pictures, size 1.5” x 1.5” with plain background
8. Medical clearance form from CHSW for marine applicants
STEP 8: Secure a student number from Admissions Office.
STEP 9: Submit the enrollment requirements to the Registrar’s Office (RO).
STEP 10: Wait for the advice of RO regarding schedule of student advising.
STEP 11: Proceed to Program Chair of the applied program for student advising.
STEP 12: Submit the filled-out student advising form to the RO.
STEP 13: Follow enrollment procedure.


Transferee applicants are advised to submit their requirements for admission at least seven (7) days before their preferred date to take the MCL Qualifying Exam for Transferees.

Click here to view the MCL Qualifying Exam schedule for transferees.