Guidelines for Open Admission and Enrollment for New Students

OPEN ADMISSION for A.Y. 2020-2021

In a nutshell, OPEN ADMISSION basically means:

1. Entrance Examination will no longer be required for enrollment as new students for both Senior High School and College programs.
2. After submitting the online application, applicants may proceed to the next steps of the enrollment process.
3. Admissions exam will be administered as part of the post-enrollment clearance. Results will be used as baseline data to determine the readiness of the students for the program applied.
4. Priority for course sectioning will be given to student-applicants who availed the Pre-Enrollment Confirmation and Reservation. Please email for your preferred schedule.

All enrollment transactions for new students will be remotely performed by our team members. Face-to-face transactions are highly discouraged. Submission of all forms must be done through MCL’s learning management system, BlackBoard Learn (BBL).

Note: These procedures are applicable to New Students only. Enrollment of MCL SHS graduates and transferees (with prior G11/G12 or College education) will be on July 15 to 30, 2020.

Online Application and Pre-Enrollment Survey

Online application has been open since September 2, 2019 until April 20, 2020.

The following are the possible cases of student applicants and the corresponding instruction:

Those who have taken the MCL Admissions Examination until
March 7, 2020.
Proceed to Step 2:
Pre-Enrollment Survey

Senior High School

Those with online admission but is not able to take the Admissions Exam
due to the ECQ.

Those who have not applied yet (either online or walk-in until March 12, 2020).

Submit Online Application

Some data from the personal information of students are commonly required in the Online Application and the Pre-Enrollment Survey. Nevertheless, these two steps need to be accomplished by the students separately.

Personal data generated from the two (2) procedures will be used to electronically fill-up the enrollment forms.

Credentials to Access Blackboard Learn (BBL)

Kindly follow the procedures below:

1. After submitting the online application form, an authentication code will be sent through the email address that you provided in the application. If you do not receive your authentication code, please email for assistance. Please expect a response within 24 hours.

2. Starting May 20, 2020, you may access the MCL website again to view credentials such as the following:
a. Student Number
b. MCL Live Email Account and Password
c. Default Password for BBL

3. Log-in at MCL Blackboard Learn and go to the course “Enrollment Management System”.

4. All information about how to process your enrollment are posted in the Blackboard Learn course such as:
a. About MCL
b. Guidelines and Advisories
c. Requirements for Enrollment
d. Sample Forms

5. For concerns on enrollment, you can send a “course message” to the Instructor of the course.

6. Once given access to the BBL, please refrain from sending emails and text messages to the Admissions Office to streamline the communication process.

7. Once enrolled, the credentials issued to you (e.g. student number, and MCL Live Email address) will be used in all learning activities and viewing of online enrollment information. Make sure to change the password after your first log-in.

8. All students are advised to monitor and check their Blackboard Learn accounts daily for updates and instructions.

9. While the online submission of documents is allowed until June 30, 2020; enrollment procedures (until payment) must be completed in ten (10) working days. Failure to do so will result to unenrollment in the section assigned to the student.

Online Submission of Documents

Since the MCL campus is off-limits to people during the ECQ and office transactions are highly discouraged, submission of documents will be done through online platforms using Microsoft Forms for the pre-enrollment survey, and MCL’s Blackboard Learn for transmitting enrollment credentials.

Please take note of the following:

1. All documents to be submitted are scanned/electronic copies in JPEG or PDF formats. It is advisable to choose an image resolution of at least 300 dpi.

2. It is the responsibility of the student applicant and his/her parents to ensure the authenticity of the documents submitted.

3. MCL reserves the right to cancel the admission of the student if after enrollment, the documents submitted were proven to be fake, tampered, or manipulated; require resubmission of documents due to poor image quality and readability; and/or request for supporting documents of the ones submitted previously.

4. Since actual physical signatures cannot be affixed on the printed documents, scanned copies of any valid proof of identification of the student and parents will be required in the execution of enrollment forms that need to be originally signed.

5. Validation of submitted documents through BlackBoard Learn will run between 3 to 5 working days. Please be patient in waiting for the next set of instructions which will be communicated via BBL’s course messages. Hence, students are advised to monitor their BBL accounts regularly.

6. Original copies of the documents and forms submitted will be required to be signed and submitted once the ECQ is lifted and normal office operations resume, but not later than August 31, 2020.

7. As per Article V, Section C, Page 8 of the enclosure to the Department of Education Memorandum No. 3, Series of 2018; otherwise known as the Basic Education Enrollment Policy; all student-applicants will be considered on temporary enrollment until such time that all original documents are submitted.

8. Parent/s or the duly authorized guardian of the student-applicant is required to submit an affidavit of undertaking in order to be temporarily enrolled.

9. Failure of the student to submit the original documents after the ECQ may have the following consequences:
- Non-enrollment in the DepEd’s Learner Information System (LIS) for Senior High School;
- Non-inclusion to the terminal enrollment report to be submitted to the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) for college
- Future problems in the processing of Special Order for graduation

Required Documents for Online Enrollment

1. Birth Certificate issued by the Philippine Statistics
         Authority (formerly the National Statistics Office); or
         original certificate of live birth issued by the local civil registrar.

Must be scanned and submitted
through Blackboard Learn.
2. Original High School Report Card must be uncancelled,
          and duly signed by the adviser and principal. If there are
          alterations/erasures, it must be countersigned by the           adviser/principal.
3. Certificate of Good Moral Character
4. 1.5 x 1.5 ID photo with white background
5. Affidavit of Undertaking

In lieu of physical signature,
a specimen signature sample form
will be submitted through Blackboard Learn.
6. Statement of Compliance
7. Fraternity Waiver Form
8. Personal Information Sheet and Enrollment Application Form
9. Personal Accident Insurance Form
10. Application for Scholarship Only for those who will apply for scholarship or discount

Senior High School Voucher, Entrance Scholarship, and Promotional Discounts

Senior High School Voucher – refers to the subsidy given by the Government to Grade 10 students who are enrolling in private educational institutions for Grade 11.

Eligibility for the voucher program is as follows:

1. If a student finishes in a public school, he/she is automatically a Voucher Program Beneficiary;
2. Grade 10 students in private schools who are part of the Education Service Contracting (ESC) program of the Department of Education. To know whether or not you are part of these pre-qualified beneficiaries, please see your school Principal or Registrar;
3. Students who are not pre-qualified as beneficiaries need to undergo an application and screening process

Source: Private Education Assistance Committee (PEAC) Website

Entrance Scholarship – given to students who performed excellently in the scholarship exam to be administered by MCL. Passers may either qualify to any of the following:

a. E.T. Yuchengco Institutional Scholarship
b. MCL Wizards Scholarship

MCL Cup Scholarship – given to winners of selected events of MCL Cup 14.0 held last November 2019.

MCL DNA of Excellence Scholarship – given to MCL Senior High School students who belong to the top 10% of their strand and achieved a minimum TWA of 90 in the previous regular term.

Sibling Discount – given to students with siblings who are also enrolled at MCL.

Promotional Discounts – refers to incentives given to MCL Senior High School graduates, dependents of the employees of the Yuchengco Group of Companies, Ayala Corporation, and other organizations with existing agreement with MCL on the granting of discounts.

Complete details of the scholarship programs including benefits and incentives may be found here.

The following are the set of guidelines for the availment of the benefits mentioned above:

1. Due to the postponement of the Admissions Examination, a separate Scholarship Examination will be conducted for those who wish to apply for academic scholarship. This will be scheduled in August.

2. Only enrolled students will be eligible to apply for the entrance scholarship. A set of scholarship application documents will be provided to those who wish to apply. Submission will also be through Blackboard Learn.

3. If the student qualifies for scholarship, the value/amount of scholarship:

a. may be deducted from the current balance of the student
b. may be refunded as requested by the student and parent/s
c. may be carried over to the next term

4. Application for the Athletic Scholarship Program and the conduct of try-outs will be postponed until further notice.

5. Availment of the following scholarship grants and discounts may be applied upon enrollment provided that all required supporting documents are submitted:

a. Loyalty Discount, Sibling Discount, and Study Aid for Employees’ Dependents
b. MCL Academic Achievement Incentive (for MCL SHS Graduates), and Early Bird Discount for MCL SHS Graduates
c. MCL Cup Scholarship – electronic copy of the scholarship certificate;
d. YGC and Ayala Corporation Promotional discount – Scholarship, Financial Assistance, and Discount Form; Endorsement from the HR Department of the YGC/Ayala member company; and scanned copy of the Company ID of the parent who is employed with YGC/Ayala company.

Off-site Payment of Matriculation Fees

Since face-to-face transactions are not allowed as of the moment; payment of matriculation fees for enrollment can only be done through our off-site payment channels:

a. Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC) – as bills payment through over-the-counter and online banking transactions.
b. PayMaya – for credit and/or debit cards with Mastercard and Visa logos.
c. Cebuana Lhuiller and M. Lhuiller – through bills payment facility.
*Student number as reference number
For complete instructions on off-site payment transactions, please visit this link.

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