Malayan Colleges Laguna

FAQs for Applicants

Planning to study at Malayan Colleges Laguna but unsure of where to start? Here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions for Admissions and Enrollment.
Are you accepting new students?

Yes, MCL is currently accepting applicants for A.Y. 2022-2023 and is on Open Admission. You may start your application online by visiting this page.

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What are your program offerings?

Be prepared to launch your career of choice with MCL’s Senior High School and College programs in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, Business, the Arts, and Maritime Education. Learn more about our program offerings under MCL Senior High School and each of the Colleges via the links below.

MCL Senior High School
College of Arts and Science
College of Computer and Information Science
E.T. Yuchengco College of Business
Mapúa Institute of Technology at Laguna
Mapúa-PTC College of Maritime Education and Training

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How can I apply?

MCL is now on Open Admission for A.Y. 2022-2023, which means that the MCL Admissions Exam is waived for the upcoming academic year.
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How much do school fees cost?

MCL offers various Senior High School and College programs, and the cost of school fees vary for each.

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When will enrollment start for A.Y. 2022-2023?

 Enrollment for A.Y. 2022-2023 is scheduled to start on April 18, 2022. Please stay tuned for announcements on any updates.

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Do you offer scholarship grants for incoming students?

Yes, MCL offers a variety of available scholarship grants to deserving students who excel in various scholastic and athletic fields. The complete details of the scholarship programs including benefits and incentives may be found through the links below: 


The schedule for the qualifying exam will be announced as it becomes available.  

What documents do I need to prepare for enrollment in MCL?

Kindly prepare the list of documents for submission online which you can check here.

For inquiries or concerns on the enrollment requirements, fill out this form.

I want to transfer to MCL. What do I need to do?

MCL accepts transferees for A.Y. 2022-2023. Our Admissions Team can guide you with the process and provide you with the information required for transferring such as requirements and fees.

You may get in touch with our Admissions team by sending an email to:

I'm an international student. What are the requirements and procedures for me?

For us to get in touch with you, send an email to our Admissions team: