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Accessing Blackboard Learn for Submission of Documents

  1. Upon successful payment and verification of the application fee, you will receive your acceptance letter which will include an authentication code. If you have not received your authentication code, please send an email to: for assistance. Please expect a response within 24 hours.
  2. You may secure your log-in credentials by visiting and keying in your authentication code in the authentication field:

Kindly take note of the following information on the succeeding pop-up message:

    • Student Number / BBL Username
    • MCL Live email account
    • MCL Live email password
    • Default password for Blackboard Learn

3. Log-in at MCL BlackBoard Learn ( and proceed to the course “Enrollment Management System.”

4. Navigate to “Enrollment Requirements” to upload and submit the documents. All scanned/electronic copies of the documents to be submitted must be in JPEG or PDF formats, make sure that all details are clear and readable.

5. Additional information on processing your enrollment is available in the Blackboard Learning courses such as:

    • About MCL
    • Guidelines and Advisories
    • Requirements for Enrollment
    • Sample Forms

6. All enrollment concerns are to be sent to the instructors through “course message”. Avoid sending messages to all course members. Only send your course message to the instructor.

7. All students are advised to monitor and check their BlackBoard Learn accounts daily for updates and instructions.

8. While the online submission of documents is allowed until August 15, 2022; enrollment procedures (until payment) must be completed in ten (10) working days. Failure to do so will result to unenrollment in the section assigned to the student.

9. Validation of submitted documents through BlackBoard Learn will run between 3 to 5 working days. Please be patient in waiting for the next set of instructions which will be communicated via BBL’s course messages.

10. The Generated Schedule and Assessment will only be released upon verification of submitted documents in Blackboard Learn.

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