Malayan Colleges Laguna

College of Arts and Science (CAS)

The College of Arts and Science lays doswn the foundations of a well-balanced education in humanities, social sciences, mathematics, and athletics.

Bachelor of Science in

The Bachelor of Science in Biology, per CMO 49 s. 2017, is structured as a generalized framework of study with the end view of grounding students with the fundamental concepts, principles, and theories of the biological, natural and physical sciences, and the conduct of research. This includes the acquisition of appropriate skills, and training in the efficient processing and presentation of information in both written and oral form.

Bachelor of Arts in Communication

The Bachelor of Arts in Communication of Mapúa Malayan Colleges Laguna (MMCL) focuses on communication in different contexts using diverse media platforms. It includes a broad range of subject matter ranging from the study of communication in interpersonal relationships, groups, organizations, and cultures.

Bachelor of Arts in
Multimedia Arts

The Bachelor of Multimedia Arts program is a four-year program that is grounded on design, technology and the visual arts. It is a field of interdisciplinary study geared towards creative and effective storytelling and expression through the convergence of digital media technologies, forms and practices.

Bachelor of Science in

The professional undergraduate program of Bachelor of Science in Psychology is designed to provide students with solid and broad foundation of concepts, theories and principles in Psychology.