The professional undergraduate program of Bachelor of Science in Psychology is designed to provide students with solid and broad foundation of concepts, theories and principles in Psychology. Aside from the basic courses in psychology, the curriculum includes core courses in values education, math, humanities, business and entrepreneurship, which is intended to provide a multi-dimensional and holistic approach that will enable the student develop creativity and critical thinking skills- skills that are necessary in responding to the needs of society in promoting optimal functioning and well-being. The program integrates both theoretical and practical approaches and employs systematic methods of inquiry with special emphasis on the application of psychology in various relevant settings that will develop the student competencies in the field of research.

With the inclusion of and additional preparation in the natural science courses, and together with specialized training, graduates of this program may pursue career paths in major sectors of society such as the helping professions (psychotherapy, medicine), education (teaching, research), business and government institutions (human resource selection, training and development), and civil society (community development).

Educational Objectives

The Bachelor of Science in Psychology program envisions its graduates to:

  1. Validate mastery of knowledge, theories, concepts, and proficiency of skill by the graduates acceptable in the global practice of psychology.
  2. Promote high standard of integrity, ethics and professionalism as practitioners.
  3. Provide an avenue for skills enhancement in the clinical and educational psychology.
  4. Develop service-oriented, socially responsible and culturally sensitive practitioners.
  5. Encourage independent learning that will develop graduates into creative and critical thinkers.
  6. Foster respect for human worth and dignity through advocacy and collaboration with government and non-government agencies.


Graduates of the Bachelor of Science in Psychology program are expected to:

  1. Apply psychological concepts, methods and principles in the analysis of human behavior and mental processes.
  2. Display proficiency in examining and evaluating new concepts, information and approaches to problem solving, and decision making in the field of Psychology.
  3. Demonstrate appreciation of individual differences through varied psychological tools and techniques and formulate intervention programs across various settings.
  4. Demonstrate competencies in the application of skills for Psychological Assessment such as effective communication, clinical case interview and writing clinical case report.
  5. Apply and observe ethical principles in the conduct of psychological research and practice.

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