Hotel & Restaurant Management


The Bachelor of Science in Hotel & Restaurant Management program under the International Hospitality, Tourism, Events and Leisure Management Institute (I-HoTEL) facilitates learning through practical experience and classroom theory to assist the students to gain the understanding, skills and techniques needed to qualify for related job opportunities, put up and manage their own lifestyle business and achieve their career goals in the hotel and restaurant business.

Educational Objectives

The Bachelor of Science in Hotel & Restaurant Management program aims to:

  1. Enable its graduates to be successful hospitality professionals who can help in the growth of the hospitality industry.
  2. Promote professionalism in the hospitality practice.

Student Outcomes

Graduates of the Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management are expected to have the following competencies and attributes:

  1. Demonstrate the required knowledge and skills in culinary arts, quantity food production and food and beverage service;
  2. Exhibit the required knowledge and skills in hotel operations including events management;
  3. Demonstrate communication skills appropriate in the workplace;
  4. Practice career professionalism in diverse and multi-cultural work environments geared towards service quality;
  5. Exhibit management and leadership knowledge, skills and attitudes;
  6. Use analysis, wisdom, experience, and logical methods to make sound decisions and solve difficult problems with effective solutions;
  7. Exhibit responsiveness on legal, social, and ethical issues affecting hospitality organizations; and
  8. Demonstrate personal qualities such as self-confidence, sense of responsibility, integrity, honesty, initiative, enterprise and commitment.


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