The Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship program prepares individuals to start and manage and eventually expand their own business to compete in the global market. It will equip students with technical expertise in management, marketing, accounting and business law and develop business sense in terms of identifying opportunities and developing business plans and strategies to make their business grow. The Entrepreneurship program’s ultimate aim is to produce graduates who will become successful business owners and managers.

Educational Objectives

The E. T. Yuchengco College of Business upholds the mission of Malayan Colleges Laguna thru its Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship program by providing a curriculum structured to prepare individuals into becoming successful and socially responsible entrepreneurs. Integrated in the entrepreneurship courses are the discussion of real and simulated business cases intended to develop the analytical, negotiation and decision-making skills of the students. The program design ensures that students will be able to sharpen their business acumen and will be operating a profit generating business before they graduate.

Educational Objectives

The Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship program aims to:

  1. Enable its graduates to become successful entrepreneurs;
  2. Promote professionalism and social entrepreneurship; and,
  3. Provide solutions to socio-economic challenges.

Student Outcomes

Graduates of Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship are expected to:

  1. Introduce innovative business ideas to address socio-economic and environmental concerns;
  2. Show a more comprehensive understanding of entrepreneurship by engaging in business;
  3. Engage in ethical and socially responsive community-building activities;
  4. Demonstrate capability in analyzing and solving business and related cases;
  5. Demonstrate efficiency in conducting negotiations and in writing business proposals;
  6. Use the latest available technology to support business ideas;
  7. Participate, join, organize or create linkages within and outside the discipline; and,
  8. Demonstrate flexibility in working with a diverse workforce and environment.

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