Accounting Information System


The Bachelor of Science in Accounting Information System is a specialized program that prepares graduates for the inevitable future in accounting. The program intends to equip students with competencies in accounting, technology skills, and information system by providing industry relevant curriculum.

Studying AIS will prepare learners to create, deploy and use information system to ensure data collected is reliable and accurate. Management rely on these processed data for their decision making.

Educational Objectives

The Bachelor of Science in Accounting Information System envisions its graduates to:

  1. Be actively engaged in the private sector as accounting personnel and internal auditors;
  2. Continuously acquire and maintain competence through related work experience, acquiring certifications and/or doing further studies;
  3. Practice the ethical behavior expected in their work;
  4. Participate in activities gearing towards improvement of their local community or private organization or the society as a whole.

Student Outcomes

Graduates of the Bachelor of Science in Accounting Information System Program are expected to demonstrate the following:

  1. Knowledge in accounting and taxation as well as proficiency in the application of relevant national and international financial reporting standards;
  2. Ability in designing, implementing and auditing accounting information systems and ensuring relevant internal controls are present.
  3. Ability to provide critical analysis reports to aid management's decision-making process;
  4. Understanding of finance, financial markets and financial management strategies and how it affects the business;
  5. Knowledge of business laws and their relevance to business operations and decisions;
  6. Skills in strategic, business process and business risk analysis to aid in the conduct of internal audit;
  7. Critical and logical problem-solving and decision-making skills in terms of operating, financing and investing decisions in business;
  8. Proper workplace communication and interpersonal skills in diverse multi-cultural environments;
  9. Effective leadership and project management abilities, and,
  10. Virtues of discipline, punctuality, honesty and responsibility.

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