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Alumni Spotlight: Nico Jerico Cabrera

Photo from Nico Cabrera.

Malayan Colleges Laguna's (MCL) B.S. Hospitality Management program (previously known as B.S. Hotel and Restaurant Management) under the E.T. Yuchengco College of Business (ETYCB) aims to provide a well-balanced education that covers the areas of business, management, and life skills necessary for graduates to qualify for jobs in the hospitality industry or to put up and manage their own business.

One of its graduates who have found success so far is Nico Jerico Cabrera from the Class of 2013. Now a businessman and a hotelier working at Hyatt Hotel and Sofitel Hotel, Nico shares with us his passion and gives us insider information on what it's like to work in the hospitality industry.

What does it mean to be a hotelier?

Being a hotelier is like being a performer on a back-to-back presentation, producing wonderful shows consistently with grace under pressure. Both colleagues and guests are the audience, cheering all the way to success and the hotel is essentially the massive theatre with various types of performers sharing one major goal – to take care of its guests so they can be their best!

Tell us about your experiences in working in the hospitality industry.

In my 5 years of working in the luxury hospitality industry, the experiences are truly demanding in every way but absolutely rewarding. Sales and Marketing (S&M) Department, as we believe, is the heart of the hotel industry – “with great S&M team comes great hotel property.” Hundreds of phone calls every week, back-to-back internal meetings and sales calls every day, and dozens of emails every hour – these are just some of the tasks I need to accomplish on a daily basis, but the main task is to reach our monthly revenue goals by implementing strategies to further enhance the company’s revenue growth. This includes organizing themed Appreciation Parties custom-fit for the top clients, choosing the best Christmas present for the guests with personalized calligraphy greeting cards, putting up a birthday bash for clients with their portraits printed on top of their birthday cake, and so much more. At the end of the day, what matters most is that we have sincerely delighted every guest and made them part of our ever-growing family, and that’s a genuine reward every hotelier aspires for.

As part of the HYATT Sales and Marketing team Department, Nico helps in the implementation of various strategies to enhance the company's revenue growth – including the preparation of performances and themed events.

How has studying at MCL helped you in reaching this point in your career?

What I appreciate in the hospitality world are the pleasant environment, picturesque interiors, posh landscapes, and influential people I encounter every day. It makes me motivated to do so much more wonderful things with less time and be the best hotelier I can be. These four essential factors are vital to my development as a hotelier while studying in Malayan Colleges Laguna. MCL’s lush landscapes and environment invite students to be more innovative and focused to their goals, its state-of-the-art equipment across all programs makes it easier for the graduates to seamlessly move in the real world, and the highly competitive industry-leaders-turned-educators prepare and produce the most promising hoteliers in the future.

MCL alleviated my confidence into moving forward to the real world. A huge chunk of my success is because of the aggressive learning strategies of the academe. Just like every luxury hotel, Malayan Colleges Laguna takes care of its students so they can be their best.

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