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CHSW attends to MCL athletes’ health needs

Dr. Regente I. Lapak, a renowned Pediatric Cardiologist, was present at Malayan Colleges Laguna (MCL) last June 29, 2018 to discuss Pre-Participation Physical Evalutation among MCL’s student-athletes, parents, coaches, and faculty members.

Due to reports concerning deaths of young athletes due to a variety of cardiovascular diseases, Malayan Colleges Laguna’s (MCL) Center for Health Services and Wellness (CHSW) conducted a lay forum on the importance of Pre-Participation Physical Evaluation (PPE) titled “The Athlete’s Heart” last June 29, 2018 at the Francisco Balagtas Auditorium.

The attendees were given an opportunity to ask Dr. Lapak questions after his talk.

Attended by MCL student-athletes with parents, coaches and faculty members, the event featured Dr. Regente I. Lapak, a renowned Pediatric Cardiologist, who shared his substantial input as the guest speaker. He discussed the effects of sports and energy drinks, smoking, caffeine, and alcohol, explaining how they are unfavorable to the health and performance of athletes. The valuable topic expounded on the various factors leading to sudden cardiac death and its prevention.

PPE is a useful tool to identify the athletes’ medical history to check if they are at risk or fit to play. The vital assessment information gathered will determine the athlete’s physical capacity and framework to ensure safe participation in sports.

Dr.. Lapak with representatives from the Center for Health Services and Wellness (CHSW), Prof. Christie Amores from the Office for Student Services (OSS), and Ms. Carina Victoria T. Adanza, Assistant Vice President for the Office of Human Resources and Administrative Services.

The MCL Wizards Basketball Team’s point guard and 3rd year Industrial Engineering student Louis Jedd D. Decena advises aspiring student-athletes to balance their studies and sports activities, reminding them to grab every opportunity to acquire adequate amount of rest despite busy schedules.

“Biggest challenge talaga ang pag-balance kasi kailangan namin ibigay ‘yung best namin sa pareho. Walang masyadong time para magpahinga. Kailangan talagang alagaan ang sarili,” Decena shared.

Having come up with this very important event, MCL-CHSW school physician Dr. Lea D. Fortaleza explained that “An athlete has to be physically fit in order to survive the ‘wear and tear’ effects of strenuous physical activities that could be detrimental to unfit individuals, that’s why it’s important for them to be fully and adequately assessed.”

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