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MCL teams up with Sheffield Education Group Australia for CCIS programs

Aligned to its vision of being a global steeple of excellence in professional education and research, Malayan Colleges Laguna (MCL) moves to strategically position itself as a global professional school.

Just recently, MCL has forged partnerships with Sheffield Education Group Australia for a linking arrangement for its B.S. Information Technology, B.S. Computer Science, and B.S. Information Systems programs under the College of Computer and Information Science (CCIS). Under the twinning program, there will be opportunities for CCIS students to take elective courses in Sheffield Academy Malaysia where they will be given a Level 5 Diploma in Cybersecurity Administration, a very new specialization that is highly in demand in the industry nowadays.

Office for External Programs (OEP) Director Prof. James Ronald O. Mesina poses with MCL Culinary Arts students Patricia Palapal and Chinky De Leon who completed their apprenticeship course paired with a work and study program through a partnership with Sheffield Academy in 2015.

“With this partnership, Sheffield can enhance our curriculum by providing supplementary courses and giving opportunities for on-the-job trainings from foreign companies and industries known for information and cybersecurity. In this way, our graduates will experience real-world, hands-on applications that will definitely boost their competencies and confidence,” said CCIS Dean Prof. Khristian G. Kikuchi.

According to Prof. James Ronald O. Mesina, Director of the Office for External Programs (OEP), part of the exploratory discussions is to check MCL’s business programs like B.S. Tourism Management and B.S. Hospitality Management if they can be paired with Sheffield’s Diploma in Hospitality which has Level 5 recognition both in Asia and in Australia.

He also mentioned that these recent developments are not really totally new for MCL as there were several activities in the past ten (10) years which involved international collaborations.

“As early as 2009, we have been talking to foreign universities for possible collaborations in the areas of research and instruction. Although we were very young as an institution at that time, the direction was really to ‘internationalize’ MCL. In 2011-2012, we have sent students to work and to study programs in the United States (US); to take international apprenticeship programs for our Culinary Arts students in Malaysia and in the US; to do research collaborations with foreign universities; and to give research presentations of various fields done by our faculty members in different international research fora and conventions,” shared Prof. Mesina.

“All these were aimed at adding global perspectives to our students and faculty members that will help them achieve the intended student outcomes and program educational objectives. Internationalization efforts are always rooted and aligned to our advocacy for outcomes-based education (OBE). This time, we just want to institutionalize all our efforts and come up with a strategic program and approach to globalizing MCL.”

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