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Second batch of Class 2016 celebrate 12th Commencement Exercises

Malayan Colleges Laguna (MCL) honored a total of 169 graduates at its 12th Commencement Exercises last November 22, 2016.

With all smiles and grateful hearts, the second batch of graduating class 2016 received their diplomas at Malayan Colleges Laguna’s (MCL) 12th Commencement Exercises last November 22 at the Plenary Hall, Philippine International Convention Center (PICC), Pasay City.

Present to give the 12th Commencement speech was Mr. Victor P. Quisumbing, the National Church Planting Director of Christ's Commision Fellowship.

This ceremony’s keynote speaker was the National Church Planting Director of Christ’s Commission Fellowship, Mr. Victor P. Quisumbing. He entitled his address “Choices and Consequences,” in which he heartened the 169 graduates for what might lie ahead of them and constantly reminded them that there will always be a consequence for every choice that they’ll make.

His speech revolved around the three (3) C’s of life: choices, chances, and changes. “You must make a choice to take a chance or your life will never change,” he said, citing a famous saying. He also included in his talk quotes from Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill, Mary Crowley, Andrew Carnegie, and fictional characters Yoda and Spider-Man; as well as some real-life stories.

Mr. Quisumbing ended his speech by challenging the students to make the choice to be successful instead of being just mediocre. “Mediocrity is not part of you. But success and ambition are.”

Louie Bernadette L. Papera, meanwhile, shared in her valedictory speech how she followed her heart and took a leap of faith by shifting from B.S. Accountancy to B.A. Communication-Multimedia Arts.

Cum Laude, Gold Medalist and November 2016 Valedictorian Louie Bernadette L. Papera delivered an encouraging speech about taking chances and learning from failure.

“I want to make movies or short films that will change lives… I’m not even sure if my passion will pay well in the distant future, but I took the risk,” she said. “Why? Because this is what I am designed to do, this is where destiny takes me, this is what God plans for me.”

She further shared that she committed a lot of wrong choices along the way but deciding to be an artist is not one of them. “For an artist, my failure is not my breakdown, but my lifetime teacher.”

“Today, fellow graduates, we celebrate success, for tomorrow we start anew. No matter how stressful it may look like, don’t forget that we’ve already been trained under stress. Excellence and virtue have been imbued in us; it is part of our Malayan genes. We, Malayans, may not start the race strong, but we reached the finish line. Don’t forget that we are all fully equipped not just with knowledge and skills, but with strong hearts to overcome negativity,” Papera, who dreams of becoming a cinematographer, encouraged her batchmates.

Furthermore, she emphasized this statement: “’Right now’ is always the right time; focus your energy on what makes you happy and love the progress, because investing time and hard work on your passion will always yield success.”

To end her address, Papera thanked the people who supported her through her college years: her family and her friends; and acknowledged the MCL professors who helped the graduates become the better version of themselves.

Awarded also during the event were Engr. Kristoffer F. Catabui, for placing 3rd in the October 2016 Electronics Engineer Licensure Examination; and B.S. Tourism Management’s Bhea Marie P. Roxas, who qualified for the Jose Rizal Award for Excellence in Community Service.

The memorable afternoon for the graduates was graced by the presence of the board of trustees, deans, administrators, staff, and professors of MCL. Prof. Erland D. Palean of College of Arts and Science (CAS) hosted the program.

More photos from the 12th Commencement Exercises are up on the official MCL Facebook page.

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