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Malayans talk about pre-marital sex during seminar

More than 300 Malayan Colleges Laguna’s (MCL) students, along with faculty members and non-teaching staff, gathered at the Francisco Balagtas Auditorium for a seminar on one of the prevalent and sensitive issues stalking the Filipino youth of today – pre-marital sex (PMS).

More than 300 Malayan Colleges Laguna’s (MCL) students attend a seminar on one of the prevalent and sensitive issues stalking the Filipino youth of today – pre-marital sex.

Titled “PMS: To Do or Not To Do…Malayan’s Thoughts on Pre-marital Sex,” the January 24 seminar specifically targeted college students to help them make informed and responsible decisions by increasing their awareness of the consequences brought about by PMS.

“Although the center could not dictate on the student’s personal beliefs and values, awareness will guide them in their future decision making, and hopefully inspire them to make the right choices,” said the Center for Guidance and Counseling (CGC).

CGC noted that engaging in PMS could result in academic failures, relationship issues, and confusion in moral values.

CGC’s Ruth Ann L. Musngi also pointed out that the seminar was very timely, citing a 2012 report by the United Nations Population Fund that showed that the Philippines has the highest teenage pregnancy rates among six major country members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations.

Concept of self

Resource speaker Jonathan Yogawin, who holds a Master of Science degree in Psychology, focused on an individual’s beliefs and values to discuss the sensitive issue. He strongly emphasized the importance of a person’s belief about oneself, which is the basis of his actions. All actions have consequences.

Resource speaker Jonathan Yogawin focuses on an individual’s beliefs and values to discuss the sensitive issue of pre-marital sex (PMS) during a seminar on PMS at Malayan Colleges Laguna.

He pointed out that sex is hinged on one’s concept of self. If a person believes that he is a person of dignity or that women are meant to be respected, then his choices would reflect this belief, he added.

Yogawin said the answer of whether or not to engage in PMS is entirely up to the person. The challenge, he said, is to discern if that choice is the right one.

“You have the ability to make your choice. You must be responsible. Take note of the results of your choice and see if the results are what you really want,” he said.

Integrity and Honesty

CGC also held a symposium on two important values, integrity and honesty, in the afternoon of January 24. The symposium was dubbed as “Integrity and Honesty, the MCL Way.”

Three of MCL’s professors - Elenita C. Mariano, Abigail Joy D. Rodelas-Angelia, and Rogelio F. Valenzuela - and student leader Maria Kathreena B. De Jesus were invited to share their thoughts and experiences on the topic.

The speakers said consistency in behavior is one clear manifestation of a person with integrity.

At the end of the lecture, Prof. Raymond B. Monterey provided a synthesis of all the insights gathered. Prof. Monterey emphasized that excellence and virtue should always be the guiding values at MCL. “Acting in mediocrity can never work at MCL. Therefore, each one is encouraged to make the right choice since one aspect of maturity is to be able to decide for oneself.”

(L-R) Center for Guidance and Counseling’s April Galdo, Ruth Ann Musngi, Mabeth Francia and Monette Bautista pose with resource speaker Jonathan Yogawin for photo at the end of a seminar on pre-marital sex.

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