Online and On-Site Options for New Students with Enrollment Issues and Concerns

Incoming students who are currently encountering issues and concerns on enrollment are advised to refer to the table below for their online and on-site options.

Enrollment Issues and Concerns
Online Enrollment
(until July 31, 2020)
On-Site Enrollment
Those who completed online
admissions through the MCL website
from July 15 to present.

Review of documents and
sending of generated
schedule and assessment will take at least seven (7)
working days.

If you have the original
copies of the report card,
good moral certification, and other enrollment
forms; you may participate
in the on-site enrollment
to complete your
enrollment on the same
Authentication code is not working and
credentials have not been received.
Those who have not received their
GSAs until now
Student applicant has not accessed
BBL for the online submission of
Incomplete admission and enrollment
documents (i.e. report card, good moral
certificate and enrollment forms).
Payment of tuition fees via off-site
payment channels
Posting of payment will
take 24 hours after the it is
Same day/hour posting if
made over-the-counter at
the MCL Treasury Office

Students and parents who would like to enroll on-site are advised to set an appointment via the MCL Appointment Form.

Read the full guidelines for online enrollment here.

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