Announcement for College Students who failed to enlist for the Second Term of S.Y. 2018-2019

OnEMCL will re-open for Course Enlistment from 5:00 PM on October 24 to 7:00 AM on October 25, 2018.

Students who will not be able to enlist within this period will not be allowed to participate in the Course Sectioning on their given schedule and will only be allowed to enroll starting on October 29, 2018, the first day of classes. There will be a late enrollment fee of Php100.

Students who will experience problems with OnEMCL during the extended Course Enlistment period may send their feedback to or to Please note that there will be no staff to attend to you during this time. Your concerns will be addressed within office hours (8:00 AM to 5:00 PM) on October 25, 2018.