Announcement for MCL SHS Students For 1st day of classes, 3rd Term SY 2017-18

1. Flag raising ceremony (Morning Sections) shall start at 6:40 am. Please be with your respective sections at the Track Oval on time.

2. Wear your SHS uniform (polo shirt). Students not in uniform shall not be allowed to attend their classes.

3. Students who have not yet completed their enrollment for the 3rd Term shall not be allowed to attend their classes. They are encouraged to use the day (Monday) to finish their enrollment.

4. Regular classes start on Monday, January 8, for both Morning and Afternoon Sections.

5. Students not wearing their IDs and violating the prescribed campus attire (improper haircut, hair color, etc.) shall not be allowed to attend their classes. This also applies for the rest of the school days in the week.

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