Malayan Hymn



With a whizzy wisk of tech,
Or a dash of skills and care,
A masterly stroke of art,
We help advance man’s welfare;
‘Tis our human part.
We all say, “All hands on deck,
O’ there at the frontlines, Malayan.
O’ here in our hearts and in our minds,

Wisdom of the centuries,
With your streams and eddies,
Enfold our beings
Provoke our genes
Here at Malayan!

As we do our very best,
With excellence imbued,
We stand to the test
And dedicate ourselves anew.
To the limits we push on.
We declare, “give to the chest,
O’ there at the frontiers, Malayan.
O’ here in our hears and in our minds,

Knowledge of the ages,
Take us to your edges.
We’ll push them farther
And wield you further
Here at Malayan!

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